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Monday, December 31, 2012

Well... I don't have resolutions for the coming year.

January 1, 2012 -- I told myself, "I'm gonna own this year!" Well, it did happen. I finally earned my degree. I passed the board exams and got my license. I received my first bouquet of my favorite flowers. I had my first dance. I had my first literal struggle for life. I fell in, fell out and fell in love again. I started a business with my best friends. I got my first real job. I bought my first pair of shoes from my own salary. I discovered how nerd I can get. I learned how to wash clothes (using a washing machine, of course), iron clothes, and cook a few dishes. I lost friends and gained new ones. I learned to love and to give importance to my family and friends more. 2012 was a roller coaster of emotions, jam-packed with lots of memories to keep in my treasure box. Generally, I love how my 2012 went. It was epic.

And now, I'll be joining the band wagon by writing a "to-do list" for 2013. I don't wanna call it "new year's resolution" 'cos most new year's resolutions expire when February starts. A "to-do list" sounds and feels like some sort of "responsibility"; hence, the title of this post.

  1. Learn to say no. I dunno if I seem like it but I really do not know how to say no. I find it difficult to reject someone or somebody's request 'cos I have this shitty guilt feeling that they'd be hurt if I say no. I do know how to express myself but I just find it hard to sugarcoat a "no". Plus I think doing someone a favor would benefit me in the long run. How?

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Frivolous Acumen

Can we all stop giving a damn to things not worth our time?

I do not understand why people love talking about other people's lives. Well, okay. Talk about whoever but please stop injecting unnecessary and unverified details. Are all these chit chats really necessary for you to get through your day? Are they like vitamins that nourish your soul?

I do not understand too why people love giving prejudices. And to make things worse, most of the time they stick on their prejudices without even exerting effort to know the truth. Will it harm you if you give someone the benefit of the doubt?

Sunday, October 28, 2012

How To: Own the Philippine Nursing Licensure Examination

Hello, hello, hello! I am making this post because my friends have requested me to write tips in taking the Philippine Nursing Licensure Examination (PNLE). I may not belong to the list of Top Ten passers but I believe I got a super okay average. With that being said, I hope you'll trust me and you'll believe in whatever you'll be reading below. Haha! *wink*

First, let me tell you that PNLE is so not easy. It'll make your brain sublimate. Going back to General and Inorganic Chemistry, sublimation is the process where something in a solid state changes into gas state without passing the liquid state. It was sooo damn difficult! How can it be easy? It was extracted from seven genius brains! I actually had some sort of somatization because of the stress and difficulty of the exam. After Test III, I had headache, fever and body malaise and I took Test IV and V in that sickly condition. Haha! See. It was hard!

Moving on, let me now give you the list of the things that may help you own that exam. *wink wink*

My Awesome October 2012 in Bullets

Hello guys! October is about to end and my blog is still not updated! I wasn't able to post a blog entry 'cos my whole October has been so busy! When September was about to end, I told myself, "I'm gonna own October 2012 'cos it's my favorite time of the year." Well, you get what you want so... I had a super awesome October! Let me share the reasons why October was sooo awesome!

  • It's my birth month! And a lot of my friends are October celebrants too! Birthdays are always happy so I'm surrounded with a lot of happy people. Their happy vibes are contagious!
  • I celebrated my birthday in a very simple way but I must say that it's one of the happiest birthday celebrations I ever had.
  • Last October 15, 2012, I received a call from the HRMDD. They told me that my application is accepted and I will be able to start with my dream job at my dream workplace first quarter of 2013.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

This season's frequently asked questions

Recently, people have been asking me a lot of questions. So... this fearless post is dedicated to all those who love me and to those who simply want a juicy scoop of my story. *wink*

  • What happened?
I don't think I have to narrate what happened in detail. Please continue reading. You might have an idea what actually happened.
  • How are you?
I've been receiving this question almost everyday since...I forgot when. Up to this day, I have the same answer: "I am still not okay but I feel better than yesterday." Whoever chose to be stuck in the painful past must really be stupid. I have been practicing stupidity quite a lot lately so I think it's healthy for me if I lessen stupidity and actually start being wise.
  • How do you feel right now?

Friday, August 10, 2012

Wake up!

Can you try not to be stupid? Or at least try not to be taken for granted? Come on. You've been doing that for years already. I thought you said a few years back that you won't allow the same thing to happen to you again? What? Did you not hear yourself? Did you already forget how sleepless you were? Sleepless because of worrying, over thinking. Sleepless because that stabbing, excruciating pain keeps you wide awake. Did you already forget how many buckets of tears you cried? Do you really enjoy soaking your eyes in tears? Did you already forget those embarrassing late night phone calls you gave your best friend just so someone could absorb your tears? Did you already forget how lost and broken you were that time? Knock knock. Wake up, dude. I know you know what is happening and I know you know what you should do. I just cannot understand why you can't take a step and remove yourself from that situation. Are you numb or just plain stupid? Oh wait. You're not numb. Maybe you're really just damn stupid. Ugh. I don't know what to do with you now. You must be a born masochist. Sigh.

Well... Business as usual.

My page needs renovation! It looks ugly and messy to me. Haha. Well, I have to organize my sidebars, create a favicon, social media account image links, and prolly make a new background, blog title and description. Hee hee. This would be a long process! I would still be posting random thoughts here while the process is going on so my dear readers I'm asking your pardon in advance for seeing a messy blog while this site is under renovation.


Thursday, August 09, 2012

A Subtle Attack

This could be so far, my bravest post.

A lot of times in my life, especially during my high school to early college days, I asked myself a lot of questions regarding religion, God and everything in between. From all those questions, here are some of the things that I found out and realized:

  1. There are only two types of man: theist and atheist. No one could go in between.
  2. I believe in one God. Yes, His name for me is God; not Allah neither Yahweh.
  3. I do not know everything about God. No one knows everything about God aside from God Himself.
  4. I find religions chaotic. They only cause troubles and misunderstandings among their followers saying, "Hey we're better." or "Hey, what you believe in is not right." or "Hey, we are the chosen ones; the only ones who can be saved." Ugh. Moron. No religion is better than the other. They just create a reason for unnecessary quarrels like what different races are doing to each other. And for everyone's information, we will all be saved. We are all children of God. Do not be selfish. Thinking that you belong to the supreme race or supreme group of people or favorite people of God is stupid and insane. We are all God's favorites. God is too kind and too caring that he cannot let anyone of us to be left behind. Plus, some religions collect compulsory "donations". Why? I could type a following statement here but I'd rather keep it to myself. The hierarchy of religious leaders is comparable to the positions in the government and the compulsory donations could be compared to taxes.
  5. Obviously, I am not a fan of religion but I have a strong faith in God.
  6. God answers prayers at the right time. He answers prayers not when you think you need it most but when He thinks you are ready for what you have prayed for.
There. I'll add more to this list in the future. Or maybe... Maybe never.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Lost in the Forest

Hey, it's me again. It has been a while since I last talked to you. What has happened? You have been trapped in a dark forest -- a lot of tall trees blocking the light from the sky. You've become the person you never thought you'd be. I know how hard you're trying to escape from the quicksand of shameful attitude but let me tell you something... You cannot escape if you're panicking. Relax. Take a deep breath and think calmly how you can pull yourself out.

I know you can hear me but let me remind you that I am just a part of your subconscious. I'm very sorry to inform you that you're alone. Yeah. You heard it right.  You're alone. Nobody can hear you scream. No one can see your SOS signal light.

What are you waiting for? Nobody can save yourself but you. Act now. Act fast.

This may seem a worthless draft but... Whatever.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Soaking my idealistic perspective in the pool of reality

Being officially unemployed for almost four months now made me realize a lot of things.

When I was in my senior year, I was so excited to graduate. I was in ecstasy on the day of my graduation because finally, I am a Bachelor's Degree holder -- something that not all of us can have especially in this country. As I have said in my previous blog (which I posted on Tumblr), education here in the Philippines is more of a privilege than of a right. I may not come from a rich family but I can feel that I'm lucky because my parents were able to give me a gift that would last a lifetime -- quality education.

Moving on, I didn't feel how it was being another member of the unemployed sector right after I graduated. We still had review classes after graduation in our classrooms with our classmates and with our professors so it feels the same. I'm still a student. Before we took our board exams, we were given almost a month to prepare ourselves in our own way -- no more review classes; just self-review. I was slowly feeling how shitty it is being a bum. After the board exams, the feelings intensified. I diagnosed myself as having developmental crisis.
Developmental Crisis or Maturational Crisis is a predictable event in the normal course of life such as leaving home for the first time, getting married, having a baby and beginning a career. -- Videbeck
I'm having a hard time dealing with myself. I envy my batchmates who went into med school or law school. I envy my brother who just entered college. I actually envy everyone who is still going to school. It is not because I want to go to med school or law school. No. I'm not into med school. Not even law school. It's just that I envy the carefree life they are still enjoying.

Being a student, I only thought of passing my subjects, chatting with my friends, joining extra-curricular activities and going out. It was totally carefree. I don't have to think of passing the board exams, finding a job, earning a living, helping my family and saving for my future. I don't have to think about the economy, peace in the world, safety and other issues of this country. The issues I had back then when I was still a student nurse are shallow compared to the issues I am having now as an unemployed nurse. Student life is seriously less serious than after-graduation life. Being a student is all about me and my world; nothing else.

Though suffering reality, I'm still not giving up on my dreams. I still have this idealistic view of the world and I am planning to keep it as long as I can. I must keep this fire burning long so that the world won't be capable of destroying me. If I lose this fire, then I'll be hopeless. Further, I won't survive.

As of the moment, I must enjoy and make the most out of my unemployed days. Explore and experiment.  Test limits. Set limits. And most especially, try to live it as carefree as possible.

Kids, the world you'll be entering right after college is not a nice world. It's unfair, harsh and cruel. It is frank, heartless and poisonous. Have those youthful, idealistic dreams and goals last for the longest time possible.  Never lose positive energy. Do not ever think of quitting. You may not understand me right now but I know in the future -- after you have finished schooling -- you will be remembering this while saying, "She was right."

Monday, July 16, 2012

It's still and will always be to infinity and beyond.

To the man whom I'm hoping is worth all the shit I'm going through,


We are not okay. Shouting, yelling, cursing, and hurting. What has happened? What is happening? Even people around us are causing the chaos between us. Did we desire this? I know we didn't. There are things that are trying to push us to cut the red ribbon but I will not allow those things to succeed. There is something about you which keeps me from killing the fire we started more than a year ago. Well, maybe because it's you I've been waiting for. It's you I've long been dying to have -- well, that is what I feel and what I believe. You may be losing grip but I am not. I may sound like a martyr or a clingy bitch but hey, I do not care. I love you and I told you I am intending to hold you for the longest time. I told myself that this time, I'm gonna make it last. I gave in and I am not giving up. No. Not now. Not ever. I know you're still there. You love me and I feel the same. We must stick to that then we'll be fine. It's still to infinity and beyond.

From the woman who could go through shit for you.

Monday, July 09, 2012

How To: Make your own milk tea

Hello guys! I have decided to try making "how tos" and this is my first how to post. Tee hee.

I know a lot of us are becoming milk tea addicts! But sometimes, there are things which hinder us from enjoying a cup of our favorite drink. If you want to enjoy the goodness of milk tea but you're on a tight budget or you don't have time to go out and buy or you're in a place with no accessible milk tea store, I'm gonna teach you to make your own cup at the comfort of your home. (Ooops. I sound like a TV shopping network. Haha!)

What you will need:
  • A bag of black tea
  • Milk (fresh full cream or fresh low fat if you're on a diet)
  • Sugar
Black tea bags (Earl Grey and English Breakfast) are widely available in the market. A box of 20 bags costs around 130 Php to 210 Php, depending on the brand. I have tried Lipton and Twinings. Both taste great. A liter of milk on the other hand costs around 60 Php to 70 Php. I don't have an idea how much sugar costs. Computing... Computing... That's around 11 Php to 16 Php for a cup of black milk tea! Whoa! Oh wait. I haven't told you yet how to do your milk tea! Haha.

How to do it:
  1. Brew a bag of tea.
  2. Pour milk.
  3. Add sugar.
  4. And ice cubes if you want to enjoy it cold.
Viola! Yummy milk tea for less! You could try other tea flavors if you want but I suggest you stick with black teas because fruit and herb infusions don't taste good with milk. Trust me; I've tried it with Peppermint and Chamomile. Haha.

That's it guys! 'Till my next how to post! I hope you enjoy your cup!

Milk Tea Review: Gong Cha Milk Winter Melon Tea

Hello guys! I'm back from a deep slumber! And I'm back with a milk tea review!

My boyfriend and I went on a date. After having dinner at Bon Chon, we decided to buy a cup of milk tea from Gong Cha. 

As I have said on my previous review, I would like to try their Milk Earl Grey Tea on my next visit. Unfortunately, they ran out of earl gray tea so we ended sipping on a cup of Milk Winter Melon Tea instead.

Here it is! Gong Cha Milk Winter Melon Tea.

They said there are three ways to enjoy Gong Cha's House Specials. First is to sip the special cream on top! I tried it and it was heaven! It's so yummy that you would want to order another serving of the cream! Haha. I wonder how they do it. It's creamy and a little bit salty. It's like light cheese and milk. Super delicious!

Trying the second step to enjoy the cup: Tasting the tea! I took a sip and concluded: This is authentic winter melon! It doesn't taste like other milk tea establishments' winter melon tea. It tastes like the winter melon juice I bought when I went to Binondo. Authentic winter melon drink's taste is comparable to a sugar cane juice. Yes, the ones you see in the malls where they squeeze the sugar cane in front of you then they put the juice in the bottle. I'm not a fan of the real winter melon such as Gong Cha's but I like those winter melon flavored teas that other milk tea establishments sell.

Last step: Mix the cream and tea! It looks like milk tea! But it doesn't taste like milk tea. I don't like the taste of their winter melon tea and mixing it with the cream didn't help me appreciate it. Worse, the tea overpowered the taste of the yummy cream. Sad me.

Overall, I didn't enjoy my cup. If ever I will want a taste of real winter melon in the future, I will not spend 95Php just to taste it. I'd rather buy myself a bottle of sugar cane juice which costs around 20-30Php. I wasn't really satisfied so I'll make sure I will have a cup of Milk Earl Grey Tea on my next visit. I have a strong feeling that I will enjoy it for I am a fan of black teas. Tee hee.

That's it for now guys! 'Till my next review! 

PS: To all authentic winter melon drink fans, I could suggest two places to go: Binondo and Gong Cha. :)

Monday, June 04, 2012

I'm on Bloglovin'!

It's less than a month before the June 30 and July 1, 2012 Philippine Nursing Licensure Examination! But that hasn't stopped me from opening my blog! Haha. I can survive without opening Facebook and Tumblr but blogging on Twitter (Yes, I find Twitter a "micro" blog. Haha!) and Blogger is so irresistible!

By the way guys, I have a good news to all! I am now on Bloglovin'! Here's a link so you can follow me at Bloglovin'. I miss blogging so I might be doing blog posts whenever I'll go on a break from reviewing. Stay tuned!

Once more, Naked is now on Bloglovin'. :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

I'll be back really soon. Promise.

I have noticed that I got a lot of page views during the past few weeks. And I am feeling really guilty because I wasn't able to update my blog. I haven't accessed any of my online accounts since the start of May. This is because:

  1. There are only FORTY-ONE days left before the June 2012 Philippine Nursing Licensure Examination. Hence, I need to use my free time to rest and study.
  2. During weekdays, I stay in an apartment near UST and our unit has no Internet connection.
  3. Opening my accounts in an Internet shop is a no-no for me.
There. I promise to update my blog as soon as I can after the board exams.
A virtual hug to all my readers! :)

Monday, April 09, 2012

Talking about Latin honors...

Ang magtapos nang may Latin honors -- maraming nangarap, maraming muntik nang umabot, maraming nanghinayang at maraming nagsisi. Ako? Pinili kong hindi subukan.

Noong nagtapos ako ng high school, inisip ko kung ano kaya ang gusto kong buhay kapag nag-college na ako. Syempre, bago na lahat eh. I mean, blank lahat. Wala namang nakakakilala sa akin sa college. It really is a new beginning. Pwede kong piliing maging pasaway, masunurin, tahimik, maingay, matalino, GC o bumagsak. Hindi ko talaga alam kung ano ang gusto ko noon pero sabi ko, gusto ko ng "iba". Tinanong ako minsan nung isa kong kaibigan sa high school kung ano raw ba ang pakiramdam ng laging umaakyat sa stage at tumatanggap ng medal. Sabi ko, "Masaya." Masaya kasi nabibigyan ko ng something to be proud of ang mga magulang ko. Masaya kasi alam kong masaya ang mga magulang ko. For twelve years, I gave my parents the acknowledgment they deserve. Noong tinanong ako nung kaibigan kong 'yun, napaisip ako. Paano kaya kung nag-iba ang ihip ng hangin?

Pinili kong maging iba sa nakagisnan kong "Herielle". Ginawa ko lahat ng mga hindi ko pa nagagawa. Tinahak ko ang daang hindi ko pa napupuntahan. Natapos ang apat na taon ko sa kolehiyo. Hindi ako nagtapos na may Latin honors.

Noong nilabas na 'yun final list ng honor graduates, nakaramdam ako ng panghihinayang. Bakit nga ba hindi ko sinubukan man lang na abutin 'yun? Sana, kung sinubukan ko, mas maluwag sa loob ko na hindi makita ang pangalan ko doon kasi alam ko na ibinigay ko ang lahat. Nag-reflect ako. Binalikan ko ang apat na nagdaang taon. Nakita ko kung ano yung kapalit nung Latin honors. Academically speaking, pareho lang naman kami ng natutuhan ng mga kasama ko. Hindi naman palibhasa mas mataas ang grade niya eh ibig sabhin, mas marami siyang natutuhan. Nakuha ko naman lahat ng kailangan kong makuha sa college -- scholarship, knowledge, skills, experiences, friendship and above all, countless, priceless memories. With all those mentioned, I'm going back to the statement I used to say when I was still in my freshman college year, "Grades won't define you". Hindi mahalaga kung hindi sobrang taas ng grade ko. Ang mahalaga, marami akong natutuhan noong college na hindi matutumbasan ng kahit anong medal at alam kong kapag binalikan ko ang college, may babalikan ako. I became the person I want to be. I didn't live up to anybody's expectations. What matters most is the fact the I really enjoyed my four years of stay in college. No regrets.

Sa mga magulang ko, alam ko pong maiintindihan ninyo ako. Alam kong proud pa rin kayo sa akin no matter what. Thank you for letting me be who I wanted to be. Salamat kasi hindi kayo katulad nung ibang magulang na ipinipilit sa anak nila ang gusto nila. Thank you Daddy. Thank you Mommy.

Para sa mga incoming college freshmen, enjoy your college life. Huli na 'to. Gawin ninyo kung ano ang makakapagpasaya sa inyo. Hindi mahalaga kung ano ang iisipin ng iba. Ang mahalaga, ikaw yan at naging masaya ka. After all, as Aristotle had said, happiness is the ultimate purpose of human existence.

Now, what's left for me to do is to put sixteen long years of study into good use. Robert Frost said that one must dare to take the road not taken. Dare not to be famous but to be great. Okay. Challenge accepted. Real world, prepare for my arrival!

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Beauty Establishment Review: Lay Bare Waxing Salon

We, ladies, have an "obligation" of removing unwanted hair from certain places of our body. Hair removal could be done through plucking, shaving, waxing and laser. Plucking is inconvenient. Shaving leads to darkened skin and chicken skin. Laser is expensive. Of these four, obviously, waxing gets the highest score. It's cheap and accessible. You have a choice of doing it by yourself or going to a waxing salon to have the hair removed. I'm more in favor of going to a waxing salon than waxing myself at home.

I have tried the services of various waxing salons. For this review, I will write about Lay Bare Waxing Salon

Lay Bare is, I guess, one of the fastest growing waxing salons in the country with 43 branches all over Luzon and Visayas. They use cold sugar wax -- no more burning hot wax and no more strips. Their services are affordable ranging from 100 Php to 1,500 Php. They also have packages from which you can choose from.
To guide you on this review: The only waxing salon services that I've tried are eyebrow threading and underarm waxing.
I have already visited three of their branches -- SM Fairview, SM San Lazaro and LPL Greenbelt. Of these three branches, SM Fairview and LPL Greenbelt deserve two thumbs up. The service crews are polite and you can feel that they are "experts" of their "field". They know how to shape brows and they are very patient in removing stubborn unwanted underarm hair. They leave your brows perfectly shaped and your underarms clean and smooth -- no unwanted hair left and no pinpoint wounds that are bleeding.

Let's talk about the remaining branch -- SM San Lazaro. I've been there twice and both visits gave me unsatisfactory results. That branch is the total opposite of the aforesaid branches. Service crews seem to be always in a hurry and their "finished product" isn't as good as that of the two other branches.

I would definitely go back to Lay Bare SM Fairview and LPL Greenbelt to avail of their services. On the other hand, surely, I won't give Lay Bare SM San Lazaro another visit.

Milk Tea Review: Gong Cha Earl Grey Milk Tea

As promised, my second milk tea review.

My brother and I are fans of milk tea and almost every time we're together, we buy ourselves a cup. This time, we tried Gong Cha.

Gong Cha is one of the famous milk tea brands that we have here in the Philippines. It originated year 2006 in Taiwan. So far, Gong Cha has seven branches all over the metro. They offer a wide range of tea selections - House Special Series, Milk Tea Series, Brewed Tea Series, Ice Cream Special Series, Creative Mix Series, Coffee Special Series and Pearl Ice Series.

Since it's our first time to try this line, we opted to order their best seller which is Earl Grey Milk Tea.

I almost forgot to take pictures of the milk tea. So there - 1/8 full cup. Haha.

Earl Grey Milk Tea Large, with Pearls, 100% sweetness

Before milk teas were born, I'm already a fan of teas. I was able to taste different flavors of teas - Earl Grey, of course, English Breakfast, Jasmine, Peppermint, Chamomile, Blueberry, Sweet Peppermint, Lemon Ginger, and a lot more. Earl Grey has a distinct strong taste that I love.

The first sip made my scream like crazy. I could not think of any other word that could describe the taste aside from the word "authentic". It was real! It was a real Earl Grey Tea with milk! The tea was not too strong and the milk wasn't overpowering. 100% sweetness is perfect for those who love sweets. I find 100% too sweet. Maybe I'll try 75% next time. Nevertheless, the sweetness did not affect my overall verdict for this milk tea. My next sip contains the add-ons -- pearls. The tapioca was cooked perfectly and it is very chewy -- the chewiest pearl so far. As with the price, it's quite pricey. 85 Php for the milk tea plus 15 Php for the pearl for a total of 100 Php. Verdict: I'll give this one an 8 out of 10. I would definitely go back to Gong Cha to taste their other products. Next on the list: Gong Cha House Special Milk Earl Grey Tea. Tee hee.

Oh well. That's all! 'Till next time guys!

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Product Review: Nature Republic Fresh Farm Rice Foam Facial Cleanser

Yay for my second product review!

Korean products are invading my beauty box like crazy! First was the Aloe Vera Soothing Gel; now, the Fresh Farm Rice Facial Foam Cleanser; up next is the Botanical Cover BB Cream SPF 40.

Nature Republic Fresh Farm Rice Facial Foam Cleanser. As the name suggests, it wants you to think that the product was taken fresh from the farm. Indeed, this product smells like authentic rice. Haha! At first, I was like, "Damn. I don't like the smell of rice!!" But later on, I learned to appreciate the smell or let's just say I got used to it. Haha. Well, aside from the smell, this product gets a two thumbs up for me. The cleanser is very light and you can really feel the gentleness of the product as it touches your skin. After washing, it leaves your skin fresh, smooth and soft. I've been using this product for two months already and it kept its promise of cleansing my skin and making it look healthy. It lessened the zits on my face too. And 220Php for 150mL didn't hurt my wallet. I am actually getting more than what I paid for because of its good effects on my skin and because I think that the squeeze bottle will last up to three to four months.

Again, two thumbs up for Nature Republic Fresh Farm Rice Facial Foam Cleanser!

You're on display!

It's been a while since I last updated this page. I've been really busy because of the graduation and review classes plus I've been feeling extra lazy to write lately. This will be my first post for the month of April and I want to start it with something that really makes me happy.

Here's a picture of a guy very close to my heart:

Angelic baby face. Those who do not agree may have to see an optometrist or even an opthalmologist. Haha.

I have told him several times already how happy I am because I met him and because I have him now in my life. I will always thank God for giving me a chance to spend my life with him.

I actually do not have anything to say. As I've said, the lazy virus is propagating itself inside my body. My only intention is just to post a picture of my beloved on my page. Tee hee.
To you my dearest, 
I would like to inform you that I am intending to hold your hands, hug you tight, kiss your lips, nurse you and keep you for the longest time possible.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection

Since the last leg of Katy Perry's California Dreams Tour, I had this intense wanting of having a copy of her album's re-released version. I told my boyfriend about how much I wanted to have a copy but I never thought that he would give the original copy of the CD to me as a graduation gift.

Katy's Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection album was released worldwide last March 26, 2012 and its official launch in the Philippines happened this morning at SM Megamall. My ever loving boyfriend dropped by Megamall this morning (without my knowledge, of course, because it's his surprise for me) just to buy me a copy of the CD (And he came from Laguna. Yes, Laguna-Megamall-Caloocan just for the CD and for the happiness of his beloved. Tee hee). I'm so lucky to be one of the few who had these limited edition items that came with the CD.

The CD, together with the limited edition items, came with a really nice packaging -- a pretty pink eco-friendly bag!

Inside: ET fancy mask, poster, pink t-shirt, glossy memo pad and of course, the CD

And this is how it looks when you open the CD case. Look at the CD! Very Katy Perry. Hee hee,

Definitely, this will be one of my most-loved college graduation gifts.
Thank you, Snowflake! I love you! :*

Friday, March 30, 2012

Blessed and Grateful

Mom, Dad, my dearest brother, my family, friends, classmates, colleagues and mentors, I HAVE MADE IT. I am now a Bachelor's degree holder and I couldn't have done it without you.

Mom, Dad and Micko, thank you for the unwavering support you have offered me all throughout. You are the reason why I am where I am right now. I know the words "thank you" will never be enough to express how grateful I am for giving me this priceless gift of quality education.

Tito Bong, Tita Eds, Tita Angie, Tito Jerry, Tito Jessie and Tita Helen, thank you for all the support and words of encouragement you have provided me. You have served as an inspiration and as a guide to establish and to achieve my goals.

Ninong Rey and Ninang Eppie, thank you for helping me decide which path to take way back when I was still fresh from high school. Undoubtedly, you're one of the reasons why I am called a Thomasian nurse graduate today.

Tita Bel, Tito Sandy, Mommy Joy, Mama, Papa, Tatay, Nanay, Tita Fely and Ate Peng, thank you for believing in me and for encouraging me to continuously reach for everyone's ultimate goal -- success and happiness.

Che, Fay, Yel, thank you for helping me get through high school and college. Of all the hundreds of people I met, you were the ones that never left. I couldn't imagine life without you three.

Erold, thank you for making my last year in college the best one. College will never be as meaningful as it is now if not because of you. Truly, I have fallen in love at the right time, on the right place and with the right person.

Benedictine friends and mentors, thank you for continuously believing in me.

UST Faculty of Nursing, thank you for imparting your knowledge to us and for planting in us the core values of the University as well as of the College that will guide us all throughout our lives.

G-mates, RLEmates, I-2 people, and Neo-centennial batch friends, thank you for making college life bearable, memorable and awesome.

Becarios de Santo Tomas, Red Cross Youth Council - Nursing Unit and UST Chapter, Tomasino Web, Medical Missions, Inc., UST Earth, Nursing Central Board of Students, through you, I have developed myself holistically. Being in school is not all about academics; it is about learning all the skills necessary to keep you alive for the longest time possible. Thank you.

UST Office for Student Affairs, thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a scholar and to work in another field aside from the path I am taking now.

To everyone who helped me realize my vision and work on my mission, thank you!

I will not put sixteen long years of study and hard work into waste. I will dare to be great. I WILL TAKE THE ROAD NOT TAKEN.

-- Herielle Echaluse Evangelista, BSN

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dear Graduation Santa

March is the season of marching. It is also the time when graduates receive a lot of graduation gifts! My aunts and uncles asked me last semestral break what gift do I want for graduation. Since I wasn't feeling the graduation vibe yet, I wasn't able to give them a concrete answer. "Hindi ko pa po alam" was my answer. Haha. But now that graduation has finally sunk in, I have thought of things that I want to receive as a graduation gift. Here's my list so far:
  1. iPad 2 or iPad 3
  2. Canon 10-12MP Digital Camera (pink or black)
  3. Purr by Katy Perry (100 mL)
  4. Katy Perry's Complete Confection Album
  5. Western Digital or Seagate External Hard Disk Drive (red or black)
  6. Portable speakers
  7. Anything pink and fluffy that I could use
There. I am not expecting to have all of these, of course! That would be too much. But if people around me are generous and rich enough... why not? Haha!

Product Review: Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel

It's been a while since I last posted a review. Last time it was about milk teas. Now it will be about a skin care product.

Last month, I bought this Soothing and Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel from Nature Republic, the youngest Korean store in the country.

I didn't actually find this product interesting until I read the mini poster beside the display. It's something like this:

I was like, "What? This single product for all those purposes? This is insane." To cure my curiosity, I decided to buy one. It didn't cost me much. 220 Php for a big tub of aloe vera gel. Sulit.

I tried it the night after I bought it. I opened the tub and smelled it. It smelled really good! My brother even told me that if it wasn't labelled, he could have eaten it. After washing my face and drying it, I applied an ample amount to my face. The advertisement and the saleslady weren't lying. It was indeed soothing, relaxing and calming. I also applied it to my arms, hair and legs. It leaves the skin smooth and relaxed because it has this "cooling" effect. You can even put it in the fridge before using it so it'll have a more cooling effect! One more good thing about this is that it's not sticky; it feels like it's made out of water.

After trying it, I decided to drop Olay Complete All Day UV Moisturizer off from my usual after bath regimen. I know Olay has SPF but I've also added Nature Republic's Botanical Cover BB Cream with SPF 40 to my usual regimen. I also started to use less lotion. This is a perfect substitute for heavy lotion especially this summer season. Nobody likes the feel of heavy lotion along with the summer heat. If you're not a fan of lightweight lotions, then this one's for you.

I've been using it for almost a month already. My boyfriend said that he noticed how softer and smoother my skin is becoming. It lessened the luggage under my eyes. Also, it helped my wound have a healthy healing. It really has a lot of uses.

I'm giving this product two thumbs up!

Saturday, March 17, 2012


On Tuesday, March 20, 2012, I will be attending the closing ceremony for graduating Thomasian scholars.  

Being called a Thomasian is a prestige in itself and being called a "Thomasian scholar" is wow. Just wow. I never thought I'd be a scholarship recipient. I always dreamed to be a part of this institution. Hence, as I’m already here and graduating, I promise to do my best in the pursuit of my career, persevere in life and maintain the core values of what makes a true Thomasian -- being competent, compassionate and committed. I will always and forever thank UST for giving me this opportunity.

Hindi man ako ga-graduate na may Latin honors, ga-graduate naman akong scholar. Hindi man banggitin sa graduation na scholar ako, okay lang. Hindi naman kailangang malaman ng lahat. Ang mahalaga, alam ng mga magulang kong may anak silang ga-graduate na iskolar. After all, para sa kanila naman 'yung pag-effort kong i-maintain 'yung scholarship ko.

16 years of school and I hope I have never ceased to make you proud. All the medals I have received, the awards I have gotten and now the scholarship I have maintained, all those are for you, my dearest parents. I love you, mom and dad!

Herielle Echaluse Evangelista, BSN
Thomasian scholar, Batch 2012

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Trip to the North and South

We didn't have classes last February 22-25 because it's the university-wide faculty retreat. While our professors were having a spiritual retreat, we, too, had our own "retreat". We went to Laguna and Caloocan to enjoy our week-long vacation. Since I have a lot of pictures to share, I will just do a little talking.

With Fifi! He's a new addition to their numerous shar-peis!

With Astronaut and Fifi!

We were craving for milk tea when we found this milk tea stall at SM Sta. Rosa. Its name is Tea-rrific. Unfortunately, their milk tea tastes TEA-rrible. :/

Bought a cup of our favorite froyo flavor (Cookie dough!) at our favorite froyo store

At SM City Sta. Rosa

Laguna Hot Springs and Fish Spa! They have fish spa fishes as big as my middle finger!

Because the previous milk tea we had was tea-rrible, we opted to order a cup of good milk tea at Chatime, SM City North Edsa.

Chatime's super fancy customer buzzer

Large QQ Milk Tea!! Yummy!

Snack at Bread Talk, SM City North Edsa The Block

On our way to La Mesa Ecopark

My favorite boy enjoying the greens of La Mesa Ecopark

La Mesa Ecopark Orchidarium

Fish pond at Ecopark

Lying behind my boy is a part of the dam. There is where the water flows when it's rainy.

Before his first zipline experience! He doesn't look nervous... does he?

Shared a box of Apollo sweets while having our new favorites at Starbucks

Our new favorites! Belgian waffle topped with whipped cream drizzled with strawberry syrup and coffee jelly frappuccino!

Before we went home, he bought me this. BB cream from Nature Republic!

Bought this together with the BB cream. It's a multipurpose aloe vera soothing gel.

There you have it. Our February 22-25, 2012. We went home relaxed and happy. It was indeed an unforgettable "retreat". :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Roses and Carnations

So what really happened last February 14, 2012?

This post is so overdue, I know.

I woke up at 04:00AM for my 06:00AM duty. I arrived the area on time then I chatted with my RLEmates while we're waiting for our clinical instructor. Clinical instructor got mad because blah blah blah... in short, I started my February 14 with a bad mood. I sent my boyfriend a message telling him what happened and how bad my morning was. He told me to calm down... so I did. I proceeded with my routine duty activities: morning care and total patient care. That day, my duty is up to 01:00PM. I was expecting my boyfriend to drop by before he goes to class because he told me the day before that he'll be showing up before going to the skills fair. I was patiently waiting. 12:00PM. 12:13PM. 12:21PM. 12:29PM. 12:32PM. Three quarters past twelve... still no show. Mad clinical instructor, every hour patient monitoring, boyfriend not showing up, what'll ruin my day next? With a straight face, I entered the nurses' station to plot my last vital signs record for the day. A few seconds after, my RLEmate told me that my boyfriend is waiting outside. Geez. He arrived. Finally. I went outside and saw my boyfriend wearing a cute smile. He was so handsome! As I approached him, he told me, "Ito 'yung rose mo" handing me over a cup of Rose Black Tea then he added "Ito naman 'yung card ko para sa'yo" giving me a card in a white envelope with a very cute drawing of his and lastly, he took a bouquet of pink carnations (my favorite flower) from his back and he gave it to me as he greeted me, "Happy Valentine's Day, Love!" I was so surprised that for a few seconds, I wasn't able to move from where I was standing. Kilig. We went to the students' room. I hugged him as I cried tears of happiness. Our "moment" ended when we both realized that he's already late for his class.

After crying because of that meaningful surprise!

He is such a creative artist. Haha. This is the envelope of the card he gave me.

Always and forever. :>

Very first bouquet of flowers I have received in my entire life

In front of my dorm. Special thanks to Ate Guard for taking the picture. Haha.

Lunch time. I ate lunch at my dorm together with Jeselle. We had tuna and rice. After eating we went somewhere to have a nice and relaxing whole body massage. Oh, how I love pampering myself! Some areas hurt but generally, it was a good spa experience. After that, I went back to my dorm and waited for my boyfriend's call. It was the day when he will be playing in a band contest our college had organized. Because I'm a very supportive girlfriend, I patiently waited for his band's turn (they're the last to perform) and watched him as he banged the auditorium. I don't want to sound boastful or whatever but it seemed that it wasn't a contest. Instead, it's a showcase of talents and his band was the guest performer. Some sort of a "mini" concert or gig for their band. Well, as expected, they won. Congratulations, Eirosmeat!

After the battle of the bands... We're wearing the same! :3

Pair of sticks he used during the battle

Before the day ended, my boyfriend, my friends and I had dinner at McDonald's. It was a sinful night of double cheeseburger and a glass of soda.
There you have it -- my first ever "happy and unforgettable" February 14 and our first Valentine's Day as a couple. Cheers to more February 14s for us!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

'Tis never too late to celebrate Heart's Day.

February 18, 2012. Because we weren't able to really "celebrate" last February 14, he told me that he wanted us to have a post-valentine's day date. I agreed since it was our first heart's day together and I thought it would be sad if we will not go out on a date.

We had lunch at our favorite pizza parlor, Yellow Cab. We ordered our favorite pizza flavor, Barbecue Chicken Pizza. As usual, we enjoyed the sweetness of the barbecue sauce and the tenderness of the chunks of chicken together with the freshness of chopped parsley. With happy stomachs, we left the place and went to Moonleaf and Simple Line to buy our favorites: Hakka Milk Tea and Wintermelon Milk Tea, respectively. (While typing this post, I am craving for wintermelon milk tea! This is bad.) After buying, we went to the movie house to watch The Vow. We had the urge to cry but we were both pretending to be masculine so we didn't burst into tears. Haha! It was a feel good movie though the ending left me hanging.

Playing with the camera while waiting for our food

We're in our senior year... senior high school! Haha.

Look at that yummmmmmmmmmy pizza!!

With our favorite!

The Vow tickets!

What else feels better than good food, good drink and good movie with my favorite boy?