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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Milk Tea Craze

I know everyone knows what I'll be talking about. This fad started when I was in first year college. The only brand of milk tea available in the campus then is Simple Line (formerly called Simple Life). They introduced milk tea to Thomasians. At first, I was like, "Milk...tea? Sounds disgusting." But when I tried it, I instantly fell in love with it. As for everyone's information, since then, I could not last a week without tea or milk tea. Its taste really gives me pleasure.

As for this post, I'll be trying to make a review of all the teas/milk teas I have tasted. I know that this post has a great potential to be called a "pathetic review". I really do not know how to pull off a nice food review so please don't laugh and please bear with my amateur review skills.

1. Simple Line (formerly called Simple Life) -- Their Tapioca Black Milk Tea tastes good. Well, not really as great as other black milk teas but I do recommend it for first time milk tea tasters. By the way, their tapioca tastes better compared to other milk tea shops. Their tapioca is sweeter and is more fun to chew. I have tried their Green Milk Tea too but I didn't like it because it tastes like Sampaguita. Seriously, it's like a sampaguita juice. They have Oolong Milk Tea too. I do not know what Oolong is but this is the yummiest milk tea Simple Line has. What I love most about Simple Line is their Rose Black Tea. This one's really refreshing and won't make you feel full. It feels healthy too! It has real rose petal bits. Yummy! My boyfriend loves it too! (Price starts at 40) Location: V. Concepcion St., Sampaloc, Manila; Dapitan St., Sampaloc Manila

Started the 5th century with a bang!

This week is supposed to be a stress-free week because it's my University's neocentennial week but unfortunately, it wasn't purely carefree. The first days of the week were stressful. Good thing I have people around me who love me and who are there for me through thick and thin. The bad news came to me January 23, 2012. I took appropriate actions January 24, 2012. Stress was hugging me 'till morning of January 26, 2012. I asked someone about it and what that person said relieved me from my worries. I know I should not yet celebrate for I know this is not yet the end.

Moving on, the last two days of the week were great. Last Thursday, our classes were cancelled to pave way for the dry run of 40k voices for UST.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dressing up!

I cannot believe that February is just a few nights away. No, I am not trying to talk about Valentine's day; I will surely have a post dedicated for that one. What I'm trying to say is that... I have less than two months to prepare for the graduation ball and the Testimonial Dinner for scholars! I'm a girl so I need a lot of time to prepare! You know, girls cannot just wear anything. We always dress to impress. We want to make sure we're always on our prettiest.

Our graduation ball's theme is Oscars so I can dress up the way I want. I am not yet decided on what to wear but one thing's sure: I won't wear a long gown. I wouldn't like to emphasize how vertically challenged I am. I won't also go for something histrionic like wearing a loud color-block. As of now, I'm thinking of going neutral. I want a cream cocktail dress with a sweetheart neckline. It must have gold glitters on it but not too much. I'll be wearing heels but not too high. The event will last for four hours at least and I wouldn't like to have a hard time walking on high heels and I don't want to appear taller than my boyfriend on that special day. I'll also be looking for a matching purse. I only have a red, a black, a pink and a teal purse so I have to buy a new one. An envelope purse could be a choice. I'm thinking of wearing a detachable collar too. And of course gold and cream accessories.

As for the testimonial dinner, our theme is also awards night. Coincidence. I'm thinking of wearing basics -- a little black dress with gold accent. Paired with the right accessories, bag and shoes, I'm sure this look would be appropriate for the description "elegant".

As you can see, I am falling in love with gold and glitters. Gold never goes out of style. It adds elegance to every look. I just hope I could find perfect accessories at reasonable prices.

That's it for now. I'm very much excited! Looking forward to these events!

Friday, January 20, 2012

There's nothing to celebrate but...

It has been a tradition to go out, pig out, shop or do whatever to celebrate the last day of exams. There is really nothing to celebrate for we haven't seen the results of the examinations yet; we're just making the "effort" we exerted for the tests a reason for our guilty pleasure.

Yesterday, Christine, Jeselle, Roxanne, Maricris, Abbie, Patricia, Sheena, Erold and I went to Seoul Garden for late lunch. We wanted to pig out and to try something new so we chose Seoul Garden at SM North EDSA. It's an eat-all-you-can Korean restaurant. It's a smokeless grill restaurant similar to Yakimix. I don't want to go on details; I like Yakimix better. They have better service, wider selection of foods, no hidden charges, fine dining ambiance and so on. Well, I must admit that Seoul Garden's Beef Bibimbap, Coffee Pork and Coffee Chicken taste great but I must also admit that my previous statement was biased because I find Japanese food really orgasmic. The Seoul Garden experience was generally fun and filling.

After satisfying our gustatory sense, we strolled around and visited Korean beauty shops (Etude House, Nature Republic and Skin Food). We were so enticed by the coolness of Korean beauty products that we decided not to buy them here in the Philippines but to buy them from where they came from -- Korea.

Yesterday was really a great day. :)

Thursday, January 05, 2012

First Christmas Together

Last December 28, my snowflake and I went to Ayala Triangle Gardens to witness their Spectacular Spectrum thing. It's a musical Christmas lights display held every hour from 6PM to 9PM. The lights were really spectacular though it could have been better if the music was a bit louder.

I should be studying now but... Hey! I'm blogging!

I woke up at 7AM today. It's already almost 9AM but I haven't started studying yet! We have I-don't-know-how-many quizzes today. They said we have a quiz on this subject and on the other subject and on the other subject too... but I didn't hear any announcement before we went on Christmas vacation! Geez. I think I'm lost. Sigh. I need to focus. Graduation day is just a wink away. Someone give me a drive to study, please?

Monday, January 02, 2012

Next time, I'll be writing about food!

I always blog about personal stuff. This year I want to try something new. I want to try being a food blogger. I've been reading a lot of food blogs lately and they're inspiring me to write about, well, of course, food. I think I'll start blogging about food next month. A lot of activities are in store for all Thomasians this month so I guess I'll be busy. I hope my first food post will provide you a good review. :)

Thomasians, classes will resume on January 3, 2012.

I'll be going back to school tomorrow and I am ambivalent about it. I don't wanna go to school to study. I just wanna go to school to see my friends and enjoy the pleasant view of the University.

Honestly, I'm tired of all these school shit. I just wanna graduate, pass the board exam and find a decent job. If I could just do these all in a wink of an eye then I will have a truly productive 2012 start. I don't feel I'm being productive at school anymore. We only have four subjects, 17 units namely, Intensive Nursing Practicum, Competency Appraisal 2, Marriage and Family and Health Economics, Taxation and Agrarian Reform. This last semester is way way different than the previous nine semesters I've had. Those were hell semesters and I guess I got used to going to school dealing with tons of requirements, sleepless nights and wicked professors. This semester, it's like I'm going to school just for fun and just for the sake of completing all courses before graduation. I do not like this; it makes me more laid back. I miss being a busy bee.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

The secret behind my Faceook cover photo

If you guys have already seen my Facebook profile (link is on my sidebar), then that means you have already laid your eyes upon my cover photo. People have told me that my cover photo is really nice and sweet. Little did they know that this photo is really ugly. It was a stolen photo taken by my mom. Here's the original photo:

We were on the backseat of the car when I noticed a small vesiculopapular lesion on the area close to my right antecubital. We were pricking the lesion when my mom took a stolen photo of us.

Using my little knowledge in Photoshop, I edited it resulting to this:

I dunno what element made the people say that this picture is sweet. Even my boyfriend told me that we look like we're looking at a brochure, choosing stuff for our wedding. Oh well, I guess our love is just so overflowing that it turns an ugly picture into a sweet one. :)

A Year-End Letter

This is actually an excerpt from the letter I wrote for my boyfriend. I was intending to write him a love letter but it ended up being a letter of love. I seldom use Filipino when writing so please deal with my grammar and choice of words.

Kumusta ka na? Kumusta ang nagdaang taon? Oo, alam kong sasabihin mong isa ang taong 2011 sa mga pinakamasasayang taon ng buhay mo. Pero teka… Sigurado ka ba? Kung oo, bakit nga ba masaya? Alin sa napakaraming pangyayari ang nagpasaya sa’yo? Kung hindi ka naman naging masaya, bakit hindi ka gumawa ng paraan upang matapos ang taong ito na masaya? 
Sinimulan mo ang taong ito bitbit ang pag-asang magiging mabuti ang taong ito para sa’yo. Naging mabuti nga ba? Nagbago ka, alam ko. Ikaw noong 2010 ay iba sa ikaw ngayong 2011 at magiging iba sa ikaw sa taong 2012. Kung ano man ang mga ipinagbago at ipinagbabago mo, sana nagbabago ka para sa ikabubuti mo at para sa ikasisiya ng mga tao sa paligid mo.

The reason behind the smile on my lips and the sparkle of my eyes.

Hello! Here's a picture of me and my beloved Erold Jason Tobias Beronio. I know we both look happy and in love. This picture was taken last December 16, 2011 during the annual celebration of UST Paskuhan. I may sound so high school for talking about this stuff over the Internet but I just want you to know that this is the very first time I felt so alive. Everything I have now is just so real and perfect. Finally, after eighteen years, things fell into their proper places. I'm obviously happy I met him. I am not hoping that he's the one because I know in my heart that he surely is. :)

What's with the blog title?


I chose this title because the bold and firm version of me will be appearing on the future posts. I'll be speaking my mind and I won't be afraid to do so. No more fear of being judged. We're living in a judgmental world; why run from it when you can deal with it? I'll write whatever's on my mind. This is my page anyway. Well, to whoever is reading this, may you enjoy the time you're spending and you'll be spending for reading my posts. And... thanks in advance for letting me share a part of my life with you. :)

Laugh. Be informed. Stay updated.

It's official. I'm a Blogger!

Hello! This will be my first blog post on this site. I finally decided to create a Blogspot account. Hoorah!

This is actually my second blog site. The first I had is on Tumblr. I was enjoying posting in Tumblr until it got overrated. Don't get me wrong. I still love Tumblr and I won't leave my Tumblr account. It's just that I wanted to have a space on the Internet that feels like home. Something that'll feel like it's all mine -- no reblogs. Plus I'm the type who really writes blog posts... so I guess this is a better place for me.

That's it for my first post. Happy 2012 everyone!