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Thursday, January 05, 2012

First Christmas Together

Last December 28, my snowflake and I went to Ayala Triangle Gardens to witness their Spectacular Spectrum thing. It's a musical Christmas lights display held every hour from 6PM to 9PM. The lights were really spectacular though it could have been better if the music was a bit louder.

Super nice lights!

I didn't know that Snowflake has hidden photography skills! Haha.

Snowflake with his Siberian Husky hat. 

Happy couple! :)

After seeing the lights, we went to Greenbelt and strolled around. When we got tired, thirsty and hungry, we decided to go back to TriNoma. We ate dinner at Taco Bell. Heavy meal for super hungry bellies!

Munching on nacho sprinklers!

He had Cheesy Bean and Rice Burrito (and I took the first bite! Haha.)

I ordered Fiesta Platter (Chunky Barbecue, Salsa Salad and Churros with Chocolate Dip).

Our dinner was soooo filing that we had to stroll around again some more to help digest those calories before going home.

After strolling around, we went to the optical shop where my aunt works to get his vision acuity. My aunt gave him contact lenses as a Christmas gift so he won't have trouble using his spectacles while on duty.

The day ended leaving a genuine smile on our faces.


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