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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Milk Tea Craze

I know everyone knows what I'll be talking about. This fad started when I was in first year college. The only brand of milk tea available in the campus then is Simple Line (formerly called Simple Life). They introduced milk tea to Thomasians. At first, I was like, "Milk...tea? Sounds disgusting." But when I tried it, I instantly fell in love with it. As for everyone's information, since then, I could not last a week without tea or milk tea. Its taste really gives me pleasure.

As for this post, I'll be trying to make a review of all the teas/milk teas I have tasted. I know that this post has a great potential to be called a "pathetic review". I really do not know how to pull off a nice food review so please don't laugh and please bear with my amateur review skills.

1. Simple Line (formerly called Simple Life) -- Their Tapioca Black Milk Tea tastes good. Well, not really as great as other black milk teas but I do recommend it for first time milk tea tasters. By the way, their tapioca tastes better compared to other milk tea shops. Their tapioca is sweeter and is more fun to chew. I have tried their Green Milk Tea too but I didn't like it because it tastes like Sampaguita. Seriously, it's like a sampaguita juice. They have Oolong Milk Tea too. I do not know what Oolong is but this is the yummiest milk tea Simple Line has. What I love most about Simple Line is their Rose Black Tea. This one's really refreshing and won't make you feel full. It feels healthy too! It has real rose petal bits. Yummy! My boyfriend loves it too! (Price starts at 40) Location: V. Concepcion St., Sampaloc, Manila; Dapitan St., Sampaloc Manila

2. Golden Chopsticks -- They are famous for their basil seeds and charcoal collagen. I love how refreshing their Basil Drink is. It's basically a black tea with basil seeds and calamansi. I'm a fan of calamansi. It has a distinct taste my palate loves. Next in line is their Charcoal Collagen Black Milk Tea. It tastes like ordinary milk tea but its really fun-to-chew charcoal collagen makes it stand out. Their Blueberry Black Tea tastes good but I find it too sweet. It's a must-try for blueberry lovers though.  (Price starts at 40) Location: D2B 2nd Floor, UST Multideck Carpark

3. D' Cream -- Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find a picture or a site of this awesome store. Well, anyway... This milk tea shop sells delicious milk tea for less. It's the cheapest among the stores enumerated on this post. Let's start off with their ever famous Golden Sun Milk Tea. It's an ordinary black tea with milk but it tastes better compared to the previous milk teas I have mentioned because it's sweeter. I'm inclined to anything that is sweet so I give Golden Sun two thumbs up. Next on the list is D' Cream Special. I don't find anything special with this. I don't like it actually because it doesn't have the sweetness I'm looking for in milk teas. My dad likes it though. He's not a fan of sweets so this milk tea is perfect for him. Assam Original Milk Tea is the milkiest milk tea I have ever tasted. It's like milk times two in a tea! I too am a fan of milk so this one defines the super milk tea for me. It's milky and sweet. I could not ask for more. They have flavored Assam Milk Tea. I have tried Taro Assam Milk Tea. If you guys want to enjoy a taro drink but not as pricey as Quickly, then this one's for you. Their Strawberry Assam Milk Tea tastes like strawberry milk. I enjoyed it. They have fruit blended teas too. My boyfriend finds their strawberry blended black tea great. He loves strawberry so he'd try everything with strawberry in it.  He also likes their lemon blended black tea and peach blended black tea. The latter two are better than having a glass of powdered iced tea. They're healthier and they don't contain artificial sweeteners like aspartame. As you can notice, my boyfriend likes fruit blended tea more than milk tea. Tee hee. (Price starts at 35) Location: Navarra St., Sampaloc, Manila

4. Happy Lemon -- This store became a trending topic on my college when it opened a branch in TriNoma. It's the closest Happy Lemon branch to UST. I was really expecting a lot from this store since it's pricey and has branches in other countries. Unfortunately, upon trying their Milk Tea with Black Pearl Sago, my expectations were crushed into pieces. It wasn't really something extraordinary. I must admit that I enjoyed chewing their black pearl sago 'cos it's tender until the middle. It's smaller than the usual black pearl sago though. (Price starts at 60) Location: Level 4, Cinema Lobby, TriNoma, North Avenue, Quezon City

5. Moonleaf Tea Shop -- This is so far the coziest milk tea shop I have ever visited. Its ambiance is really relaxing plus the fact that the store makes the smell of tea linger on your nose. The first one I tried is their Wintermelon Milk Tea. Their cashier said it's their best seller. I have tried wintermelon juice before and I didn't like it so I had a hard time giving in to the cashier's invite of trying their best seller. Upon gaining trust on the cashier's words, I finally handed my money to her and decided to give Wintermelon Milk Tea a try. I had no regrets. Its taste justified the number of wintermelon milk tea cups sold by the said establishment. On my second visit, I have ordered Hakka Milk Tea. I do not know what hakka is that time. I just find the name fancy so I tried it. It's pricey but it's worth it. I like it better than wintermelon milk tea. Recently, I learned that hakka is black oolong tea with black sugar. Nice to know, huh. Next is their Honey Milk Tea. It's milk tea with a distinguishing taste of  pure and authentic honey. I would love to order it again but I need to share it with a friend because finishing it is not really fun. Nakakaumay. They have fruit teas too. Honey Aloe Vera Tea and Lychee Aloe Vera Tea are great to drink while relaxing. The Aloe Vera bits made these drinks stand out. (Price starts at 45) Location: 1233 V. Concepcion St., Sampaloc, Manila and Ground Floor Vizione Dorm, 1012 G.M. Tolentino St., Sampaloc, Manila

6. Chill Out -- This one's the newly opened milk tea shop along Asturias. I was having second thoughts of giving it a try but upon hearing other's reviews, I finally decided to buy one. As I've said, it is newly opened so I haven't tried a lot yet. So far, what I have tasted is their Sweet Citrus Black Tea. It's a mixture of wintermelon, lemon, calamansi and black tea. I enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed Golden Chopsticks's Basil Drink. They taste the same actually but Chill Out's version tastes stronger. They are both refreshing. I loved how wintermelon and calamansi chased each other on my tongue as I take a sip. (Price starts at 45) Location: Asturias St., Sampaloc, Manila and 2214 Legarda St., Sampaloc, Manila

7. Chatime -- Another fancy milk tea store! Their interior is really attractive -- it's colored pink and green. I have tried their Pearl Milk Tea and it tastes really good. It's refreshing and satisfying. It's not too tasty  and not too bland. It's as if it pushed all my stress away. Their pearl is soft and chewy too. A perfect combination indeed. I'll definitely come back and try their other mixes. (Price starts at 55) Location: SM Mall of Asia, Bay Boulevard, Pasay City

8. Bubbatealicious Pearl Milk Place -- This is not really my type of milk tea though their milk tea tastes good. Their milk tea has a distinct taste which distinguishes it from other milk teas. Their sizes are smaller than the others. I don't have anything more to say because I really don't find their milk teas attractive. (Price starts at 40)

9. Serenitea -- Another cozy milk tea store! I have visited their branch in BF Homes ParaƱaque. It's green and full of pillows! They also have this fancy customer number that lights up when your order is ready. Cool, huh? It is really difficult to decide on what to order since they have a long list of milk tea choices. I have tried their Assam Milk Tea, Okinawa Milk Tea, Malt Milk Tea and Minty Choco Milk Tea. All of them taste great! Their Assam Milk Tea tastes good but it's kinda bland compared to Okinawa Milk Tea. Okinawa Milk Tea is the store's best seller. It's like Chatime's Pearl Milk Tea. I just love how its light taste tickles me. Next is the Malt Milk Tea. I'm a fan of chocolate but not chocolate drinks because I find them boring. Malt Milk Tea however is an exception to my previous statement. It's a choco drink with a twist -- chocolate, malt, black tea and milk. Who would have thought this combination is possible? It's a must-try for chocolate lovers! Lastly, Minty Choco Milk Tea. It's a nice mixture. The amount of chocolate and mint are just right. None of them is overpowering the other. I like chocolate mint flavored food but not that much. My boyfriend could give you a better review of this flavor because he's a mint choco addict. That's it for Serenitea. I'm definitely going back to try their other milk teas! (Price starts at 65) Location: 268 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, ParaƱaque

10. Wai Ying Restaurant -- This restaurant in Binondo offers an authentic Hong Kong style milk tea. It's a black tea filtered through a stocking, boiled to perfection and mixed with evaporated milk. I loved how the bitterness and the sweetness fight as I take a sip. My very first Wai Ying Milk Tea sip left me speechless. The same feeling I had when I tasted White Hat. You can enjoy it hot or cold. This one is really a must-try! (Price starts at 40) Location: 927 Benavidez St., Binondo, Manila

Milk tea really awakens my taste buds. I am planning to try all the remaining milk tea shops (e.g. Gong Cha, Bubble Tea, Zen Tea, etc.) before this year ends. Hopefully, my next review regarding milk teas will be better than this one. Cheers to all milk tea lovers!


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