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Sunday, January 01, 2012

The secret behind my Faceook cover photo

If you guys have already seen my Facebook profile (link is on my sidebar), then that means you have already laid your eyes upon my cover photo. People have told me that my cover photo is really nice and sweet. Little did they know that this photo is really ugly. It was a stolen photo taken by my mom. Here's the original photo:

We were on the backseat of the car when I noticed a small vesiculopapular lesion on the area close to my right antecubital. We were pricking the lesion when my mom took a stolen photo of us.

Using my little knowledge in Photoshop, I edited it resulting to this:

I dunno what element made the people say that this picture is sweet. Even my boyfriend told me that we look like we're looking at a brochure, choosing stuff for our wedding. Oh well, I guess our love is just so overflowing that it turns an ugly picture into a sweet one. :)


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