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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Started the 5th century with a bang!

This week is supposed to be a stress-free week because it's my University's neocentennial week but unfortunately, it wasn't purely carefree. The first days of the week were stressful. Good thing I have people around me who love me and who are there for me through thick and thin. The bad news came to me January 23, 2012. I took appropriate actions January 24, 2012. Stress was hugging me 'till morning of January 26, 2012. I asked someone about it and what that person said relieved me from my worries. I know I should not yet celebrate for I know this is not yet the end.

Moving on, the last two days of the week were great. Last Thursday, our classes were cancelled to pave way for the dry run of 40k voices for UST.
Assembly time at the field is 03:00PM. We were submerged in heat! But the exhaustion was all worth it because the Thomasian crowd sang the UST Hymn. UST Hymn never failed to give me piloerection. We didn't finish the practice. People were already leaving the place so we decided to leave the place too. We walked through the fair beside the field and went on a window shopping. My friends and I were planning to go to Robinson's Place Manila but we ended up cancelling the plan. We went to SM San Lazaro instead. January 27, 2012 is the night we all waited for. Same time for assembly. Classes were again of course cancelled. The ceremony started with a mass -- a high mass ending with the Plenary Indulgence given by the Pope. It was followed by 40k voices which got the Thomasian crowd singing songs together. The super awesome fireworks display marked the start of the 5th century for the University. It was the best fireworks display I have ever seen in my entire life. I quote myself:
Watching UST Neocentennial Fieworks display again... Piloerection for 10 minutes! Fireworks from the Arch of the Centuries, Grandstand, Central Seminary and Main Building... No words could describe the beauty of the skies over the University last night. Happy to witness the opening and welcoming of the University's 5th century. Glad to be called a part of the "neocentennial batch". Thankful to be called "Thomasian".

Kaya naman kung Tomasino ka, eh talagang mataas ang standards mo sa fireworks! -- Latest Facebook status
 Video of the awesome fireworks display last night

The fireworks display was followed by the grand fiesta. Free food for all Thomasians! Lechong manok, lechong baka and lechong baboy satisfied the gustatory system of the Thomasians. I know swimming in  these foods will contribute to a possible future disease but... I don't care! This is a part of my UST memories that I will cherish forever. The celebration was ended with a free concert showcasing the talents of Filipino and Thomasian artists.

Indeed, the Neocentennial Celebration of the University was a blast. One more reason why I shout, "I'M A PROUD THOMASIAN!" More centuries to come for UST!

Ending my blog post with the ever famous UST cheer: "GO USTE! GO USTE! GO USTE!"

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