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Friday, January 20, 2012

There's nothing to celebrate but...

It has been a tradition to go out, pig out, shop or do whatever to celebrate the last day of exams. There is really nothing to celebrate for we haven't seen the results of the examinations yet; we're just making the "effort" we exerted for the tests a reason for our guilty pleasure.

Yesterday, Christine, Jeselle, Roxanne, Maricris, Abbie, Patricia, Sheena, Erold and I went to Seoul Garden for late lunch. We wanted to pig out and to try something new so we chose Seoul Garden at SM North EDSA. It's an eat-all-you-can Korean restaurant. It's a smokeless grill restaurant similar to Yakimix. I don't want to go on details; I like Yakimix better. They have better service, wider selection of foods, no hidden charges, fine dining ambiance and so on. Well, I must admit that Seoul Garden's Beef Bibimbap, Coffee Pork and Coffee Chicken taste great but I must also admit that my previous statement was biased because I find Japanese food really orgasmic. The Seoul Garden experience was generally fun and filling.

After satisfying our gustatory sense, we strolled around and visited Korean beauty shops (Etude House, Nature Republic and Skin Food). We were so enticed by the coolness of Korean beauty products that we decided not to buy them here in the Philippines but to buy them from where they came from -- Korea.

Yesterday was really a great day. :)


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