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Monday, January 02, 2012

Thomasians, classes will resume on January 3, 2012.

I'll be going back to school tomorrow and I am ambivalent about it. I don't wanna go to school to study. I just wanna go to school to see my friends and enjoy the pleasant view of the University.

Honestly, I'm tired of all these school shit. I just wanna graduate, pass the board exam and find a decent job. If I could just do these all in a wink of an eye then I will have a truly productive 2012 start. I don't feel I'm being productive at school anymore. We only have four subjects, 17 units namely, Intensive Nursing Practicum, Competency Appraisal 2, Marriage and Family and Health Economics, Taxation and Agrarian Reform. This last semester is way way different than the previous nine semesters I've had. Those were hell semesters and I guess I got used to going to school dealing with tons of requirements, sleepless nights and wicked professors. This semester, it's like I'm going to school just for fun and just for the sake of completing all courses before graduation. I do not like this; it makes me more laid back. I miss being a busy bee.


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