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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Can't we just mind our own lives?

I'm sorry but you do not have the right to judge me.

You do not know where I'm coming from. Well, okay... You may know but for sure you do not understand because if you do, you will not act like that. It is not acceptable to tell me right in front of my face (or even behind my back) what you think about me (which is obviously based from your little knowledge about me) and how you think I should live my life. You only know my name; not my story. You weren't there when sorrow and happiness happened to me. You weren't beside me all the time so you really do not know what happened and what is going on. You cannot force me (nor any other person) to act like and to be like the person you want me to be. You cannot just impose whatever you believe in into other people's minds.

Enough said. I hope you already got my point. I wouldn't like to elaborate more for doing so is a waste of time.

Ending this post with the cliche: "If you think you already know me, well then, I guess you may have to think again."


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