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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Carefree and Trusting

Products of yesterday I tried so hard to escape from. Fruits of the events that crushed me into pieces.

Bury the past. Enjoy the present. Don't worry about the future.

I want to be scared no more.

I want to learn again how to give it all without the fear of being hurt and unreciprocated. I need to accept that the only permanent thing is change; ergo things will definitely change in time and I have to deal and to adapt with these changes. I need to learn how to let go to know how tight and how long I could hold on. I have to learn to keep distance without worrying of losing affinity.

Forever is such a big and strong word. It's hard-earned; thus, it needs to go under the test of time and distance.

I'm starting to get what I need and what I want. I'm starting to get myself back again. You helped me start picking myself up. I know you'll be there for me throughout the process. And I hope you'll stay even after this major overhaul I'm undergoing. None of the great things that will happen to me would matter without you.

PS: I am not crazy over him; I am in love and I am trying to be expressive online as I am not in person. Believe me; I am not expressive. I'm actually almost always apathetic though it doesn't seem that way to a lot of people.


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