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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dear Graduation Santa

March is the season of marching. It is also the time when graduates receive a lot of graduation gifts! My aunts and uncles asked me last semestral break what gift do I want for graduation. Since I wasn't feeling the graduation vibe yet, I wasn't able to give them a concrete answer. "Hindi ko pa po alam" was my answer. Haha. But now that graduation has finally sunk in, I have thought of things that I want to receive as a graduation gift. Here's my list so far:
  1. iPad 2 or iPad 3
  2. Canon 10-12MP Digital Camera (pink or black)
  3. Purr by Katy Perry (100 mL)
  4. Katy Perry's Complete Confection Album
  5. Western Digital or Seagate External Hard Disk Drive (red or black)
  6. Portable speakers
  7. Anything pink and fluffy that I could use
There. I am not expecting to have all of these, of course! That would be too much. But if people around me are generous and rich enough... why not? Haha!


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