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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Roses and Carnations

So what really happened last February 14, 2012?

This post is so overdue, I know.

I woke up at 04:00AM for my 06:00AM duty. I arrived the area on time then I chatted with my RLEmates while we're waiting for our clinical instructor. Clinical instructor got mad because blah blah blah... in short, I started my February 14 with a bad mood. I sent my boyfriend a message telling him what happened and how bad my morning was. He told me to calm down... so I did. I proceeded with my routine duty activities: morning care and total patient care. That day, my duty is up to 01:00PM. I was expecting my boyfriend to drop by before he goes to class because he told me the day before that he'll be showing up before going to the skills fair. I was patiently waiting. 12:00PM. 12:13PM. 12:21PM. 12:29PM. 12:32PM. Three quarters past twelve... still no show. Mad clinical instructor, every hour patient monitoring, boyfriend not showing up, what'll ruin my day next? With a straight face, I entered the nurses' station to plot my last vital signs record for the day. A few seconds after, my RLEmate told me that my boyfriend is waiting outside. Geez. He arrived. Finally. I went outside and saw my boyfriend wearing a cute smile. He was so handsome! As I approached him, he told me, "Ito 'yung rose mo" handing me over a cup of Rose Black Tea then he added "Ito naman 'yung card ko para sa'yo" giving me a card in a white envelope with a very cute drawing of his and lastly, he took a bouquet of pink carnations (my favorite flower) from his back and he gave it to me as he greeted me, "Happy Valentine's Day, Love!" I was so surprised that for a few seconds, I wasn't able to move from where I was standing. Kilig. We went to the students' room. I hugged him as I cried tears of happiness. Our "moment" ended when we both realized that he's already late for his class.

After crying because of that meaningful surprise!

He is such a creative artist. Haha. This is the envelope of the card he gave me.

Always and forever. :>

Very first bouquet of flowers I have received in my entire life

In front of my dorm. Special thanks to Ate Guard for taking the picture. Haha.

Lunch time. I ate lunch at my dorm together with Jeselle. We had tuna and rice. After eating we went somewhere to have a nice and relaxing whole body massage. Oh, how I love pampering myself! Some areas hurt but generally, it was a good spa experience. After that, I went back to my dorm and waited for my boyfriend's call. It was the day when he will be playing in a band contest our college had organized. Because I'm a very supportive girlfriend, I patiently waited for his band's turn (they're the last to perform) and watched him as he banged the auditorium. I don't want to sound boastful or whatever but it seemed that it wasn't a contest. Instead, it's a showcase of talents and his band was the guest performer. Some sort of a "mini" concert or gig for their band. Well, as expected, they won. Congratulations, Eirosmeat!

After the battle of the bands... We're wearing the same! :3

Pair of sticks he used during the battle

Before the day ended, my boyfriend, my friends and I had dinner at McDonald's. It was a sinful night of double cheeseburger and a glass of soda.
There you have it -- my first ever "happy and unforgettable" February 14 and our first Valentine's Day as a couple. Cheers to more February 14s for us!


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