My thoughts: bare and bold.

Monday, July 16, 2012

It's still and will always be to infinity and beyond.

To the man whom I'm hoping is worth all the shit I'm going through,


We are not okay. Shouting, yelling, cursing, and hurting. What has happened? What is happening? Even people around us are causing the chaos between us. Did we desire this? I know we didn't. There are things that are trying to push us to cut the red ribbon but I will not allow those things to succeed. There is something about you which keeps me from killing the fire we started more than a year ago. Well, maybe because it's you I've been waiting for. It's you I've long been dying to have -- well, that is what I feel and what I believe. You may be losing grip but I am not. I may sound like a martyr or a clingy bitch but hey, I do not care. I love you and I told you I am intending to hold you for the longest time. I told myself that this time, I'm gonna make it last. I gave in and I am not giving up. No. Not now. Not ever. I know you're still there. You love me and I feel the same. We must stick to that then we'll be fine. It's still to infinity and beyond.

From the woman who could go through shit for you.


  1. What happened? Sad story is sad. :(

    1. Hello! Whoever you are, thanks for asking. :) Yeah, sad story it is but it's okay 'cos I know we'll learn from this. As of the moment, we're trying our best to get back on our feet. And yes, we are doing it together. :)