My thoughts: bare and bold.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Wake up!

Can you try not to be stupid? Or at least try not to be taken for granted? Come on. You've been doing that for years already. I thought you said a few years back that you won't allow the same thing to happen to you again? What? Did you not hear yourself? Did you already forget how sleepless you were? Sleepless because of worrying, over thinking. Sleepless because that stabbing, excruciating pain keeps you wide awake. Did you already forget how many buckets of tears you cried? Do you really enjoy soaking your eyes in tears? Did you already forget those embarrassing late night phone calls you gave your best friend just so someone could absorb your tears? Did you already forget how lost and broken you were that time? Knock knock. Wake up, dude. I know you know what is happening and I know you know what you should do. I just cannot understand why you can't take a step and remove yourself from that situation. Are you numb or just plain stupid? Oh wait. You're not numb. Maybe you're really just damn stupid. Ugh. I don't know what to do with you now. You must be a born masochist. Sigh.

Well... Business as usual.

My page needs renovation! It looks ugly and messy to me. Haha. Well, I have to organize my sidebars, create a favicon, social media account image links, and prolly make a new background, blog title and description. Hee hee. This would be a long process! I would still be posting random thoughts here while the process is going on so my dear readers I'm asking your pardon in advance for seeing a messy blog while this site is under renovation.


Thursday, August 09, 2012

A Subtle Attack

This could be so far, my bravest post.

A lot of times in my life, especially during my high school to early college days, I asked myself a lot of questions regarding religion, God and everything in between. From all those questions, here are some of the things that I found out and realized:

  1. There are only two types of man: theist and atheist. No one could go in between.
  2. I believe in one God. Yes, His name for me is God; not Allah neither Yahweh.
  3. I do not know everything about God. No one knows everything about God aside from God Himself.
  4. I find religions chaotic. They only cause troubles and misunderstandings among their followers saying, "Hey we're better." or "Hey, what you believe in is not right." or "Hey, we are the chosen ones; the only ones who can be saved." Ugh. Moron. No religion is better than the other. They just create a reason for unnecessary quarrels like what different races are doing to each other. And for everyone's information, we will all be saved. We are all children of God. Do not be selfish. Thinking that you belong to the supreme race or supreme group of people or favorite people of God is stupid and insane. We are all God's favorites. God is too kind and too caring that he cannot let anyone of us to be left behind. Plus, some religions collect compulsory "donations". Why? I could type a following statement here but I'd rather keep it to myself. The hierarchy of religious leaders is comparable to the positions in the government and the compulsory donations could be compared to taxes.
  5. Obviously, I am not a fan of religion but I have a strong faith in God.
  6. God answers prayers at the right time. He answers prayers not when you think you need it most but when He thinks you are ready for what you have prayed for.
There. I'll add more to this list in the future. Or maybe... Maybe never.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Lost in the Forest

Hey, it's me again. It has been a while since I last talked to you. What has happened? You have been trapped in a dark forest -- a lot of tall trees blocking the light from the sky. You've become the person you never thought you'd be. I know how hard you're trying to escape from the quicksand of shameful attitude but let me tell you something... You cannot escape if you're panicking. Relax. Take a deep breath and think calmly how you can pull yourself out.

I know you can hear me but let me remind you that I am just a part of your subconscious. I'm very sorry to inform you that you're alone. Yeah. You heard it right.  You're alone. Nobody can hear you scream. No one can see your SOS signal light.

What are you waiting for? Nobody can save yourself but you. Act now. Act fast.

This may seem a worthless draft but... Whatever.