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Friday, August 10, 2012

Wake up!

Can you try not to be stupid? Or at least try not to be taken for granted? Come on. You've been doing that for years already. I thought you said a few years back that you won't allow the same thing to happen to you again? What? Did you not hear yourself? Did you already forget how sleepless you were? Sleepless because of worrying, over thinking. Sleepless because that stabbing, excruciating pain keeps you wide awake. Did you already forget how many buckets of tears you cried? Do you really enjoy soaking your eyes in tears? Did you already forget those embarrassing late night phone calls you gave your best friend just so someone could absorb your tears? Did you already forget how lost and broken you were that time? Knock knock. Wake up, dude. I know you know what is happening and I know you know what you should do. I just cannot understand why you can't take a step and remove yourself from that situation. Are you numb or just plain stupid? Oh wait. You're not numb. Maybe you're really just damn stupid. Ugh. I don't know what to do with you now. You must be a born masochist. Sigh.


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