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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Frivolous Acumen

Can we all stop giving a damn to things not worth our time?

I do not understand why people love talking about other people's lives. Well, okay. Talk about whoever but please stop injecting unnecessary and unverified details. Are all these chit chats really necessary for you to get through your day? Are they like vitamins that nourish your soul?

I do not understand too why people love giving prejudices. And to make things worse, most of the time they stick on their prejudices without even exerting effort to know the truth. Will it harm you if you give someone the benefit of the doubt?
Well, I don't think so. For me, giving someone the chance to prove your negative prejudices wrong is being kind and being a nice person.

Can all these things contribute to your success? Or at least to your well-being? Maybe the reason why you're stuck in that life you have is because you pay too much attention to details that doesn't concern you. Stop talking about others and start thinking about them. They too have their own story. They too have their own burdens. They too are going through things you're not even aware about or things you cannot understand.

Let us do each other a favor. Let's be more mature and more understanding. Let us all act our age. We're not growing any younger. Let's stop being juvenile and start being mindful of the words we say and of the things we do.


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