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Sunday, February 24, 2013

I like you. You don't. I'm pregnant.

Hello. And I'm here again for another ranting session. I am here to speak about three different topics but I guess you can relate on all of them. Here it goes:

First, I don't get why people hide their feelings. I mean if you like-slash-love someone, why hide it? Or why wait for them to make the first move? I guess we should all learn how to express ourselves and tell that special someone that we actually like them. We should all learn how to make the first move, regardless of gender. For girls, I think waiting for a guy to confess first is so old school. We're in 2013 now. If you like him, go ahead and tell him. That will not take away your dignity. For boys, damn. Where are your balls? Everyone, let go of whatever is holding you back from telling how you really feel. Take the risk of being rejected. Rejection is far way better than thinking of what-could-have-beens anyway.

Second, being the second choice sucks. It sucks big time. But I admit, we are not good in everything. At one point or another, we experience how it is being only the second choice. I, too, have been another's second choice for a lot of times already. With that being said, let us do each other a favor of not rubbing it into another's face whenever s/he is the second choice.

Lastly, I despise how people reject the responsibility that comes with their actions. I don't have problems with people being stupid and reckless. It's their life; why should I meddle? For me, it's do your thing, I'll do mine, we will all be happy and the world will be peaceful. But hey, wait. When I said "do your thing", it is implied that you should be accountable to your actions and you should be responsible of whatever consequences that may arise from your decisions. A great example would be couples who engage in sex (pre-marital, marital, extra-marital), get pregnant and forget that they have a child. Having a child and being an irresponsible parent is so unforgivable. Guys, please. Let us all be responsible, mature individuals.

That's it! 'Till next time for another round of ranting. Tee hee.


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