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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Photo Stream: My January 2013

I have been so busy and sleep-deprived these past few days. Result? Major blog backlog! Oh well, I'm still sharing my January 2013 in photos! So here you go...

 Print screen of Makati Medical Center HR Department's message regarding my application | My name stamp | With Mike | Training paraphernalia | With my co-trainees | Showing how clean MMC is | With my duty buddies | MMC COPN ID | Batch 39 name stamps

And so my journey as a registered nurse started. I'm really thankful and still overwhelmed by the fact that I have passed MMC's strict screening of staff nurse applicants. My training will end next week. I'm praying for a short waiting time. Hoping to be a probee in few weeks time.

Date with my best friends, Starbucks TriNoma | Date with Glen, Gong Cha TriNoma | With Che | My plate at Cyma -- Steak Souvlakia Souvlaki | I have this habit of taking photos of restaurant table napkins | Yellow Cab's Dear Darla Pizza | Evangelista Family Reunion -- Lunch at Cyma TriNoma | With Yel | Date with Glen and William, Yellow Cab TriNoma

So I was only at two places last month. Makati Medical Center and TriNoma. Haha! Did you notice? ;)


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