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Monday, February 25, 2013

Things I hate on Facebook

Don't get me wrong. I love Facebook. I love Mark Zuckerberg for being such a genius. But you know, some people are just ugh. You describe them.

  • People who post a picture along with a caption that is so not related to the picture. Like there's a picture of a mountain with a caption, "Wish you were here."
  • People who post their picture along with captions like, "I hate my nose" or "Look at my blackheads" or "Ugly me". Darn. If you post something, it means you want the world to appreciate, not hate. If your face is not captured in the right angle and you think you're ugly, then do not post that picture. Posting something that is so not pleasing to the eye provokes spread of hatred and sin.
  • People who flood my News Feed with their faces. You know, 9823 pictures, same face, same smile, same angle. What is the sense in that?
  • People who like their own post. Such a loner. Don't you have friends?
  • People who beg their friends to like their post. Pathetic. Liking should never be coerced.
  • People who connect their Twitter account to their Facebook account. Why is there a need to post the same thing twice? Instagram to Facebook is acceptable. Yknow, not everyone has an Android or an iOS device. But seriously, Twitter to Facebook? I don't get it. To make things worse, they are my Facebook friends and I am following them on Twitter. Hoorah.
  • People who fight online or dares a fight online. Nothing could go cheaper than that. If you're mature enough, you would straighten things by talking privately to that person you despise.
  • People who use Facebook as Twitter. I mean posting status every three seconds or posting something like, "I just ate" or "I have my period" or "I wanna fart". Ugh. TMI. Annoying.
  • People who use overexposed pictures as their Profile Picture. Come on. A Profile Picture is there so your friends could identify you. Could we identify you if the camera flash is all over your face? All we can see are your iris and nostrils.
  • People who greet their friends by posting "HBD". What a great greeting. Very touching. Can we at least make that day special by putting some effort in typing, "Happy Birthday, (insert name here)"? It won't cost you a penny anyway.
You're probably thinking now why I am still using Facebook despite the things written here. Simple: Facebook is now one of the most important means of communication.

That's it. 'Till next time for another round of ranting. Tee hee.


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