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Sunday, March 03, 2013

Photo Stream: My February 2013

So how did the love month go for me? Here it is!

Echaluse Family Grand Reunion at Uacon, Zambales | Swimwear on February | Drawing on fine white sand | Subic Bay Freeport Zone Tollgate | Boat ride to Potipot Island

Enchanted Kingdom pictures of Mike, Tom and me. Batch 39's Weirdest Trio

Post-Valentine's Day Celebration-slash-After Training Celebration with Batch 39 at Banapple Ayala Triangle Gardens

Enchanted Kingdom's Rio Grande with my Batch 39 loves

Batch 39's first monthsary date at Enchanted Kingdom

Shopping with le fam bam | Nurse Herielle at your service | After duty bonding at Moonleaf The Columns

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Sunrise at Pampanga

Stuff I brought during our early summer family getaway

Post-Valentine's Day Celebration with fam bam

In my MMC Uniform

With duty buddies Angelo and Dianne

Saturdate with my best friend, Che

February has gone so fast! Didn't even notice it was ending already. Oh, wait. Before I end this post, I must share how I celebrated my February 14, 2013. Well, I started it by celebrating it with my patients -- greeted them Happy Valentine's Day, took care of them, attended their needs and made sure that they're smiling before my shift ends. After my shift, I met up with someone. It wasn't a date; we just exchanged stories and teased each other -- something that we usually do. I'm happy we ended the day together.

That's it. My February 2013. Looking forward to a blessed March 2013. 'Till next month for my next photo stream!


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